There are a range of foundation problems that your home can experience. The risk to your foundation, and your home by extension, can come from a range of different sources. That’s why you need a truly professional and expert foundation repair team, that’s knows the best way to tackle and manage the wide range of problems that can occur with your foundation. We are the professional and expert team that you need. We provide a range of foundation repair and preventative maintenance services to give your foundation the best possible care and ensure that your home isn’t at risk of any undo damage or other problems.

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We are driven to give you real peace of mind. With so many threats, many of them unseen, to your foundation, it can be something that you understandably might be worried or concerned about. We can help to put you mind at ease. With us around, you can be totally confident that your home simply won’t be at risk of damage, or other problems, as a result of your foundations. That’s because we are the true foundation experts with a solution to any problem you might have face. So, if you think you have a problem, we can do foundation inspection and quickly get to work fixing any problem.

We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.

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When it comes to your foundation, there’s no longer any need for concern. That’s because we provide the full range of foundation repair services and preventative maintenance services you need to provide your foundation with the right professional care and ensure that your home isn’t at risk of any serious damage. Our range includes not only a range of foundation repair services, for all common types of foundations, but also structural damage repair, basement waterproofing, drainage correction and house leveling. We have all foundation repair methods, as well as the all commercial and home foundation repair services you need to truly look after your home or business.


Concrete foundation slabs are the most common form of home foundations. Although tough, concrete foundation slabs can still incur damage and need repair. You might find you have a foundation crack or a cracked slab or even settlement problems. Any of these problems can be the route cause of some serious issues for your home if not dealt with effectively and comprehensively by a professional foundation repair team. That’s us. Better still we offer the best foundation repair cost you’ll find.


Another common type of home foundation found in Texas is known as a pier and beam foundation, where the home is elevated on a series of wooden piers and beams. This offers a range of distinct advantages, including being more flood resistant, but can still experience a range of problems, including rotting and mold growth due to the use of wood. We offer preventative maintenance for pier and beam foundation as well as repair for both pier and beam and block and base foundations.


House leveling is foundation repair technique designed to combat settling problems, or similar issues. House raising is the process of returning your foundation to the position it which it was initially constructed, or as close as it can get. This is an effective solution to the range of problems that settling, your foundation settling in the soil and causing your home to sink, can result in. With our house leveling service, you are sure to get the settlement repair solution that you need as well as getting the most competitive foundation settlement repair cost. 


Making sure that water sufficiently drains away from the base of your home, and simply doesn’t pool there, is important to avoid problems with your foundation. Water getting into your foundation has the real potential to cause a range of problems. It can wash away the soil underneath your foundation and cause settling problems, as just one example. It can also cause cracking in your concrete foundation slab, which can lead to further trouble. We have all the drainage correction solutions you need to keep water away from your foundation.


In many homes, the basement is an area that can often be prone to flooding. This can be caused by storms or it can come from a range of other sources. Whatever the case, water can be seriously damaging and easily lead to problems like mold growth in your basement. On top of this, water pooling in your basement can seep into your foundation and cause further, even more serious, problems. Waterproofing your basement is a simple and effective way to avoid all of these issues.


In certain situations, the risk or route of the foundation problem that you have isn’t always within easy reach. Leaking or burst pipes running beneath your foundation are a perfect example. Our tunneling service can be an effective way to reach and deal with any problems that might be occurring in difficult to reach places, such as underneath your foundation. This is often the best way to deal with such threats and mitigate the damage they can cause without causing any additional damage or problems for your foundation.

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Don’t hesitate if you think, or know, you have a problem with your foundation. The damage that could occur if you wait could well be serious. We are the foundation repair specialist that has all you need to effectively repair your foundation and prevent any risk to your home, including a range of both repair and maintenance services. Our team is ready to take your calls now. You can reach us using any of the listed contact information.