One major source of damage to your foundation, and your home as a result, is water. Although many people don’t realise, or understand, the threat that water can pose. If water or excessive moisture is allowed to pool around the base of your home it can cause a range of problems for your foundation. This where having adequate drainage can be of importance. This can help to keep water away from your foundation and prevent the issues that water can result in. We provide the full range of drainage correction solutions that you need really look after your foundation.

Drainage Correction

Drainage correction is a preventative measure, or solution to any problem you might already have, that’s designed to ensure that water is sufficiently drained away from the base of your home and isn’t allowed to pool there. Water is one of the major causes of foundation damage. So this is why drainage correction is something important you should consider, or may need, as excessive water pooling around the base of your home can really impact your foundation. We provide a wide and comprehensive range of drainage correction solutions and basement waterproofing to suit any home or situation you might be confronted with.

Water and Soil

The major reason that the correct drainage around your foundation is so important is because of the problems excessive moisture and water pooling around your foundation can cause, especially with the soil. Water can wash away the soil underneath your foundation, which can result in a number of different issues, including a cracked slab or settling problems. Settling problems in particular are often caused by this problem, and can be quite serious long term. This is why diverting water from your foundation can be so important.

All the Right Solutions

Drainage correction is just a single solution or service. Our service involves a wide range of solutions to this problem, and can be employed to suit any home or range of circumstances that you might have. The natural terrain around your home could play a role in the solution, for example. If not, then a proper drainage system might be what you need. We can install a wide range of different drainage systems. The result, however, is always the same. Water is preventing from pooling around your foundation and any forms of damage caused by this issue are avoided.

Prevent One More Threat

Ensuring your home has correct and sufficient drainage to keep water away from your home can be a simple way to ensure one more threat to your foundation is prevented. With so many things that can be a threat, and cause problems for, your foundation, it can be hard to stay on top of everything, and this could be cause for stress or concern. Taking the steps to prevent this particular problem can ensure that you can worry less, knowing that you are already covered. It’s also a way to prevent damage. Although we offer settlement repair, it’s always best to avoid a problem to begin with.