There’s a wide range of problems that your foundation can face. One issues that you might begin to notice is your home starting to sink. This can be the result of settling problems, or similar issues, that can be caused by a wide range of factors. This particular problem can have serious consequences if not dealt with quickly and properly. House leveling is one solution that we offer to help you tackle this problem. We are the foundation repair contractor company that provides house leveling as part of our range of foundation repair solutions. We provide a range of house leveling and drainage solutions and options.

House Leveling

House leveling is another of the foundation repair services that our professional team offers. House level, or house raising, is when a concentrated effort is made to raise the foundation of your home back to level it was at the time of construction, or as near as possible. This can be achieved in a number of different ways. This can help to correct range of problems and damage that can occur, especially in regard to settling, and can be a way to ensure that your home doesn’t develop further problems or damage.


The main factor that can often contribute to you requiring a house leveling is the soil underneath your foundation. This is because this is what causes your foundation to settle and sink, lowering your home and creating problems. The soil beneath your foundation can be washed away, whether by water from leaking pipes or another source, or dry out and lose moisture, both of which can contribute to your foundation settling more than it should. This can lead to a range of problems. House leveling is a way to correct many of these problems and prevent further damage.


House leveling is a foundation repair method that can be used to help your home avoid damage, or further damage. Settling, and other problems that require house leveling to solve, can cause quite serious damage to your home if left unchecked, including structural problems. The most common form of damage that occurs is cracks, often in your walls and ceilings, and this can often be the first sign that you have a problem. House leveling can often be just the thing you need to correct this and prevent any more damage from occurring to your home.

Settling Problems

The main reason that you might need to consider house leveling is to deal with any settling problems that you might have. Concrete slab foundations in particular can be prone to this problem. This is when your foundation sinks further into the soil than it should, and your home begins to sink as a result. House leveling is way to correct any settling problems that your foundation might have, and to make sure no structural damage or further cracking happens at your home. Settling problems will only get worse with further time, so house leveling is the best option in the long run.