Real peace of mind. It’s this simple thought that’s the driving motivation for everything we do here at Grand Prairie Foundation Repair. Given the range and scope of problems that can impact your foundation and could well cause damage to your home as a result, peace of mind is something that can be difficult to come by when it comes to your foundation. We’ve found a way to provide it for you, though. With a full and effective range of foundation repair services, along with a range of preventative maintenance services too, we have just what you need to relax. You can get real peace of mind, knowing that any foundations problems that you have, whether it be settling problems, a cracked slab or anything else, can be quickly repaired by our team, to prevent damage or further risk to your home. We the foundation repair specialists with best and affordable range of repair services.

We have the expert range of foundation repair and maintenance services that you need to be sure that your foundation, and home, are getting the best possible care and repair. We provide repair, and maintenance, for range of different foundation types, including concrete slab foundations, pier and beam foundations and block and base foundations. This along with house leveling, basement waterproofing and drainage correction services. We even offer a tunneling service to deal any problems that might occur underneath your slab, that are otherwise difficult to reach and effectively deal with.