Foundation repair isn’t always straightforward. There are a range of different things can damage or impact your foundation, and they aren’t always easy to reach or in plain sight. In some cases, the damage to, or problem with, your foundation can be found underneath the concrete slab, making it difficult to reach and effectively deal with. For such situations, our team offers just what you need: tunneling. We can tunnel in under your foundation to reach the route of the problem more effectively and deal with to prevent further damage or problems. We are the foundation repair specialists that offers an effective tunneling service.

Tunneling Services

One of the further foundation repair methods that our team offers is tunneling. This, as the name suggest, the process of tunneling in under your foundation as a means of repairing a range of different issues. Most commonly, it’s a method used to deal with issues such as leaking or burst pipes that are underneath your foundation and are hard to reach otherwise. It’s the most effective means with dealing with these unseen and out of the way problems. Our team is fully trained and qualified to administer this service, so there won’t be any additional problems caused.

Hard to Reach Problems

In many situations, the problems or threat to your foundation can often be in difficult or hard to reach places, mostly underneath your foundation slab. This can be true in particular of plumbing and pipes, which can often run beneath your foundations. Given the difficulty of access, solving these problems can be difficult using any traditional methods, so this is where tunneling can be an important solution. It can be a way to solve any problems that aren’t easily within reach.

Prevention of Further Damage

Another advantage that tunneling services can provide is that it’s a way to prevent further damage to your foundation. In certain situations, when crucial repair needs to be done below your foundation, some companies might decide to put a hole in your foundation as means of reaching the problem. This would then be further damage that you have to repair and worry about. This can all be avoided, however. With our tunneling service, there’s no need to do any additional damage your foundation, and we can still reach the source of problem. This makes it a more effective solution.

Effective Solution

The tunneling services that we provide really are the best and most effective means to deal with a range of foundations problems. Just because you can’t see the problem, doesn’t mean it’s not doing damage and taking the right steps when you realise you have a problem is important. Leaking or burst pipes below your foundation can cause major issue, so having an effective solution on hand is imperative. Our tunneling services really are the best and most effective way to comprehensively ensure that no out of sight or difficult to reach threat can impact your foundation or your home as a result. Find out much more details about us.