Concrete slabs aren’t the only foundation type out there, and in Texas there are many other foundation types that homes can be built on. This includes pier and beam foundations, a type of elevated foundation where the home built raised on a series of wooden piers and beams. There are a range of unique problems and damage that this type of foundation can incur, but there’s no need to worry. Whatever type of foundation your home has, you can be sure we are the professional and expert team that has the real solutions to any problem you are facing.

Foundation Experts

We here at Grand Prairie Foundation Repair are the true foundation experts. Our expertise isn’t just limited to concrete slab repair and house leveling, because we know there’s a range of different foundation types out there that your home can be built on. This can include pier and beam foundations, or even block and base foundations. These foundation types offer a range of advantages when compared to concrete slabs, including being more resistant to flooding given their elevation. This doesn’t mean they don’t experience problems though. However, whatever problem your pier and beam, or block and base, foundation faces we can fix the foundation problems you have. We are the true foundation experts, after all.

Common Pier and Beam Problems

If your home is built on a pier and beam foundation, or the similar block and base, then there a range of unique problems that you should be on the lookout for. Given the primary material is wood in most cases, pier and beam foundations can be subject to problems like rotting and mold growth. Both can spread quickly and easily cause serious damage, along with being difficult to remove if they become entrenched. This part of the reason why keeping an eye out for any developing issues is important.

Be Proactive

When it comes to pier and beam foundations, being proactive is important. As mentioned, if rotting or mold really take hold in your foundation they can be difficult to completely remove without serious work and repair. This can make the problem far worse than it needs to be. We offer preventative maintenance for pier and beam foundations that’s designed to catch out common problems like rotting and mold growth before they become a major issue, keeping overall repair costs lower and your foundation in better shape for longer. So avoiding major problems is simple.

Settling Problems

Similar to concrete foundations, the soil on which your pier and beam foundation is built can have the potential to cause problems in the wrong circumstances and settling problems can occur. Though this is slightly different than with a concrete foundation slab. The problem with pier and beam foundations is the piers the foundation is constructed on can often sink and settle into the soil at different rates. This has the effect of making the floor in your home uneven, which is the sign to be on the lookout for if you have this problem.